About the project

"AlBait" application is your health assistant who cares for you and provides the best medical competencies in your hands. download the app for full health support by our specialized medical team, ask for remote consultation with a free follow up, or ask for an appointment to visit your doctor, and if you prefer to be visited by your doctor in your home we are also open for you, features are added continuously to ensure a better user experience, "AlBait " your assistant who cares for you

What We Offer...

- A specialist doctor is available to provide telemedicine.
- Your Family experienced doctors are in communication
- High Profile doctors you can check their qualifications before booking a consultation or appointment.
- List of doctors ready and online to receive consultations and help you taking the right decisions.
- Flexible schedules suits your busy day
- Reserved appointments can be managed in the appointment screen
- The priority order of the doctor's appearance in the list of doctors is effected by several factors, the most important of which is the user's satisfaction
- Different health readings can be integrated.
- App sync information from Health App directly into the PHR.

Type of specialist required to visit:

- Doctor
- A physiotherapist.
- Nurse

- Several packages available for most needs
- Operations team that never accepts less than your satisfaction

April 15, 2019