Alhuda Corp.

About the project

The website is an electronic platform that aims to provide services in the fields of non-university education, by providing development programs targeting children and those deprived of education, and providing learning opportunities for them in an easy and available way.

Project features

  1. Providing development programs: The site provides a variety of development programs that aim to develop children’s skills and enhance their abilities in various fields, such as languages, sciences, arts, and others.
  2. Targeting children and disadvantaged people: The programs offered on the site are designed to target children and youth who suffer from limited educational opportunities or access to educational resources, helping them achieve personal and educational growth and development.
  3. Ease of access: The site provides easy and direct access to educational programs through the Internet, making it easier for students and parents to benefit from the services provided.
  4. Providing learning opportunities: The site helps provide continuous learning and development opportunities for children and youth, which contributes to enhancing their chances of success in the future and achieving their personal and professional goals.
Alhuda Corp.