Fares system App

About the project

The "Fares" project is an integrated system for organizing and managing legal cases effectively, as it provides the necessary technical solutions to facilitate the work of lawyers and law offices. The system organizes all aspects of cases including hearings, trials, documents, and alerts, helping to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in legal work.

Project features

  1. Managing sessions and appointments: The system organizes and arranges the dates of sessions and trials in a neat and orderly manner, and reminds users of upcoming appointments to ensure that they do not miss any session.
  2. Follow-up of cases and transactions: The system provides a space to comprehensively record details of cases and transactions, allowing lawyers to follow case developments and access the necessary information at any time.
  3. Saving documents and attachments: The system allows uploading and storing documents and attachments related to cases, making them easy to access and review when needed.
  4. Integrated reports: The system can generate comprehensive reports on the legal office’s performance and case developments, which helps in making better strategic decisions.
  5. Customer Management: The system allows customer information to be managed centrally and securely, which facilitates communication with them and the provision of services in an integrated manner.
  6. Simple financial operations: The system provides an easy-to-use interface for managing the office's financial operations, making it easy for users to track expenses and revenues with ease.

Using these features, the “Faris” project can improve the performance of law firms, increase efficiency in case management, and provide legal services in a distinguished and effective manner.

Fares Co
February ,15 2020