QR Menu

About the project

The project “QR Menu” is an innovative electronic solution for fast food, providing an electronic menu based on QR codes. The project aims to improve customers' experience in ordering food and provide fast and efficient service.

Project features

  1. Ease of use: The site features a simple and easy-to-use user interface, allowing customers to browse the menu and choose meals easily.
  2. Order via WhatsApp: The project allows customers to order meals via the WhatsApp application, providing them with an easy and convenient way to communicate and order food.
  3. Easily add categories and products: The site provides easy tools to manage menus and quickly add categories and products, making it easier to update menus and customize them according to the restaurant’s needs.

Using these features, the QR Menu project can improve the ordering experience for customers and increase the efficiency of service operations, which contributes to attracting more customers and increasing their satisfaction with the service provided.

QR Menu
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QR Menu