About the project

The advertising service broker application is a simple and easy-to-use platform that aims to meet the needs of the residents of northern Syria in various fields and specializations. This application acts as an advertising intermediary between individuals and institutions, as it allows users to find the services and products they need, whether for sale or rent, easily and conveniently.

The project features

  1. Advertising Brokerage: The application offers a way for users to advertise their products or services, whether for sale or rent, which increases the chances of attracting potential buyers or renters.
  2. Geographical division: The application divides cities and regions into sections to facilitate the process of searching and finding services in the specific area.
  3. Search capability: The application allows users to perform advanced searches to find the required services or products quickly and easily.
  4. Submitting requests and offers: Users can add their requests or offers in different areas such as trade, rentals, services, and jobs.
  5. Directory of places and commercial centers: The application provides a guide containing the most important commercial centers and places in the region, which helps users find services easily.
  6. Mini cash wallet: The application allows users to make transfers and payments for basic living services such as water, electricity, and internet via a mini cash wallet.
  7. Free Humanitarian Services: Users can provide free humanitarian services or request free services, which promotes cooperation and solidarity among community members.
  8. A distinctive advertising banner: The application allows the content of distinctive advertising advertisements to be determined by the platform administration, which helps in attracting users to important and distinctive advertisements.

Using this application, residents of northern Syria can benefit from an easy and central way to communicate and exchange in various fields, making it easier for them to obtain the services and products they need.

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