Althiqa electronic wallet

About the project

The Trust application is an advanced technical platform that aims to facilitate safe and easy payment and cash transfer operations, taking into account customer privacy and providing the necessary support services. The application allows users to send and receive payments with ease, whether in different currencies or through various methods such as cash payment or barcode payment.

Project features

  1. Knowing the exchange rate of the currency
  2. Safe and easy payment method: The application provides multiple payment methods that ensure security and ease in payment processes, making it easier for users to complete transactions with confidence.
  3. Electronic wallet: The application allows the creation of an electronic wallet that allows users to store and manage funds safely and conveniently.
  4. Pay in cash: The application allows you to pay amounts in cash through an easy-to-use interface, which makes it easier for users to make transactions quickly.
  5. Payment by barcode: The application provides a barcode payment feature, where users can create a barcode for payments and use it to complete payment operations with ease.
  6. Sending and receiving money transfers easily and securely: The application allows users to send and receive money transfers easily and securely, making transfers more efficient and convenient.
  7. Using these features, Al-Thiqa app provides an outstanding payment experience to users, and ensures security and ease in all payment and transfer processes.

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