Doctoria Medical Services

About the project

Leveraging voice, video, and text messaging, this service brings healthcare directly to patients, offering remote consultations for medical, preventive, and educational purposes along with wide range of futures including but not limited to:

Project features


  1.  Booking remote medical consultation or treatment from home within a flexible time range.
  2. Booking an appointment for a home visit from a medical team
  3.  Using additional health monitoring devices the patient can send live data about their body status (BP, temprature, weight, blood sugar... etc) during the consultation for the doctor to see.
  4.  Patients can access their all their medical records using the app including their health monitoring devices measurement history, consultations history, home visits history... etc all from the app
  5. The app offers a flexible work schedule, that can be setup by the doctors allowing them to manage their own time independently
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