About the project

The Charitable Society's website is an electronic platform that aims to display the charitable, relief, developmental, health, and educational social services that the Society provides to the needy and beneficiaries. The website allows visitors to view the available projects with all the necessary details and information in an organized and easy-to-understand manner.

Project features

  1. Displaying projects in detail: The site allows displaying various charitable projects with all the necessary details such as the purpose of the project, the target audience, the financial budget, and the expected timetable for implementing the project.
  2. Easy browsing: The website design aims to provide a smooth and easy browsing experience for visitors, as the content is organized in an orderly manner and facilitates access to the required information.
  3. Interactive: Visitors can interact with projects by making donations or contributions, as well as sharing projects via social media.
  4. Continuous updates: The website is updated regularly to display the latest charitable projects and activities carried out by the association, allowing visitors to follow the latest developments.
  5. Technical Support: A dedicated technical support team is available to assist visitors if they encounter any problems or inquiries while browsing the site.

These features help enhance awareness of the charity work carried out by the association and encourage contributions to supporting various social issues in an easy and organized manner.