Statistics and distribution system for relief organizations

About the project

The project “Statistics and Distribution System for Relief Organizations” is a technical system that aims to facilitate the processes of managing and distributing relief aid to needy and affected families. The project provides a set of advanced features to improve work efficiency and provide accurate data and helpful reports.

Project features

  1. Automating and archiving the relief distribution process: The project allows for automatic recording and recording of aid distributions and documentation accurately, which helps to identify needs and direct resources effectively.
  2. Automating financial, housing, and relief data for families: The project allows comprehensive recording and management of beneficiary families’ data, including financial, housing, and relief information, which facilitates the process of analysis and strategic decision-making.
  3. Providing assistance reports and detailed statistics: The project provides the possibility of creating comprehensive assistance reports and accurate statistical analyzes on distribution processes, families’ needs, and overall project performance, which helps in making strategic decisions and submitting reports to relevant donors and partners.
  4. Automating all individuals’ personal information and their family relationships: The project allows for accurate and comprehensive recording and management of individuals’ data, including personal information such as name, date of birth, and address, as well as family relationship information such as paternity, motherhood, brothers, and sisters. This structured documentation facilitates the process of analyzing individuals' needs and directing aid and support more effectively and effectively.


Statistics and distribution system for relief organizations
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